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As my daughter grew older and became more social, I wanted to teach her what manners are, and why they are an important part of our lives.

So as we began our lessons, she was having such a fun time, that she asked for more. I really wanted to keep the class lite so that it could be engaging, and fun to keep her interest because we all know the attention span of younger children. 

Then she asked if she could invite her friends over to join in on the fun. Soon, the "play dates" began to grow in size. At this point I felt an obligation to ensure that the lessons were teaching not just manners but the essential character developing skills that I felt were most important.

So I began a search for lesson plans on the topic. I was surprised to learn that all the material available was for much older children and there was nothing available for the age group I was teaching.Later I found an outstanding, international award winning manners and etiquette school but it was across the nation. After speaking with them about tailoring a class to younger girls, I developed Polite as a Princess.

After several pilot programs in my community and requests for more classes, I decided to find more venues to offer the classes to a broader audience.
Here is a summary of the benefits your child will receive:

Lesson One - What are manners?

Lesson Two - Why are manners important?
Lesson Three - How many manners do you know?
Lesson Four - Hello and goodbye
Lesson Five - The magic word
Lesson Six - Giving and receiving compliments
Lesson Seven - Using proper titles
Lesson Eight - Proper introductions
Lesson Nine - The proper handshake
Lesson Ten - Being humble
Lesson Eleven - Sportsmanship
Lesson Twelve - Respect
Lesson Thirteen - Thank you
Lesson Fourteen - Telephone and cell phone manners
Lesson Fifteen - Setting the table
Lesson Sixteen - How to dine
Lesson Seventeen - Kind word...kind world
Lesson Eighteen - Listening

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Polite as a Princess


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